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The Bar Has Been Raised…

The new record for ‘Hit the Button’ is now a monumental 43! Well done Isla’s daddy!

Mr Wainwright now needs to work harder to recapture his crown – I’m determined to get it back by Friday…

How is everyone else doing? I want to see parent’s best and children’s best scores please!

You can update when you beat your best.

Keep up the good work people.

The Challenge Is On!

I am thrilled at the response so far to the subtraction facts challenge!

I had a screenshot this morning of Isla’s dad’s best score for ‘Hit the Button’ – an impressive 41 in 60 seconds!

Still not as good as Mr Wainwright though…

The children were very enthusiastic in telling me about their parents taking on the challenge – thank you. Please make sure the children are also competing against their own scores along side you.

For anyone unaware of Mr Wainwright’s challenge – if any parent can prove they have achieved a better score at ‘Hit the Button’ than me (42), their child will receive 5 dojos. I will need proof though…here’s mine:

Good luck!

Subtraction Facts…Competition Time People!

In order for children to progress in maths, particularly calculation, it is imperative for them to have secure knowledge and recall of their +/- facts within twenty.

For example 19 – 7 and 9 + 6

This rapid recall of such facts supports written methods for addition and subtraction and enhances accuracy and proficiency.

We are working hard in Year 4 to promote the learning of these facts and motivating them to enhance their recall – with your support we feel we can secure the children’s future progression in maths. The following link is one great way to facilitate this:

Many thanks.

Clarinet Recital…

The Year 4 clarinet recital will be presented to parents next Tuesday the 28th November.

Doors to the school hall will be open to parents at 2:30pm.

It will be the culmination of 9 weeks work and would mean a lot to the children to have an audience and the opportunity to ‘show off’.

We all hope you can come along.

Many thanks, we look forward to seeing you then.

Anti-Bullying Week…

Lennon/McCartney have linked anti-bullying week to their literacy work.

We are currently reading ‘Mr Stink’ by David Walliams as a focus for our grammar and writing.

In ‘Mr Stink’, there is a character called Chloe who has a troubled life, filled with anxieties as she is tormented by the children at school, her younger sister and even her mother!

We’ve also created a ‘hand of trust’ whereby the children have thought about and noted the people they can trust and talk to if they are ever in such an awful situation.

Ask the about it…

Thank You…

What a great start to year 4 everyone!

It feels like we’ve been back a lot longer – there’s so much we’ve learnt!

  • Using pronouns
  • Understanding how apostrophes work
  • Improving the words we use
  • Developing our understanding of place value
  • Rounding numbers
  • Partitioning
  • Mental calculation
  • And, I am particularly proud of the effort everyone has put into their presentation and handwriting

In addition, the consistency regarding key skills and reading being fulfilled each week is most encouraging – keep it up!

Have a great half-term…you deserve it.