The Challenge Is On!

I am thrilled at the response so far to the subtraction facts challenge!

I had a screenshot this morning of Isla’s dad’s best score for ‘Hit the Button’ – an impressive 41 in 60 seconds!

Still not as good as Mr Wainwright though…

The children were very enthusiastic in telling me about their parents taking on the challenge – thank you. Please make sure the children are also competing against their own scores along side you.

For anyone unaware of Mr Wainwright’s challenge – if any parent can prove they have achieved a better score at ‘Hit the Button’ than me (42), their child will receive 5 dojos. I will need proof though…here’s mine:

Good luck!

One thought on “The Challenge Is On!

  1. The Bar has been raised Isla’s Dad has just got 43 ! The challenge is on. He jumped out of his seat liked he had scored the winning goal for England !!

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