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How is our new addition ‘impacting on our learning?


Having a class pet has brought a new responsibility for the whole class but it has also brought an abundance of new learning opportunities!

In Science we are learning about living things, in particular the 7 life processes: movement, respiration, sensitivity, nutrition, excretion, reproduction and growth. We have worked in groups to research how a hamster shows these different life processes. We produced posters for our display and learnt lots of new interesting facts e.g. a Syrian hamster will grow to be approximately 15cm long.

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We have also thought about what is inside us and had a go at labelling the bones and organs of both a human being and a hamster. We were particularly interested to find that hamsters, like us, are mammals so we actually have a lot in common. For instance, we both have a body covered in fur or hair and we are both vertebrates.


In PSHCE we sometimes like to talk about things that are happening in the world around us at particular times in the year. Recently, the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ has been celebrated in India and Nepal. This is a very colourful festival which celebrates the arrival of Spring. We had great fun designing colourful tiles to put together to create our very own ‘Holi’ hamster!

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We are excited to see how ‘Hammy’  will help us with our learning over the next few weeks and look forward to sharing our learning with you!


World Book Day with Mrs Twit…



World Book Day 2017 saw the classroom full of an array of different book characters. Mrs Twit made an appearance too!

We had great fun reading ‘The Twits’ and even more fun working in groups to perform different parts of the story. We particularly enjoyed being Mr or Mrs Twit and playing tricks on each other!

We are always trying to improve our writing and Mrs Manssen is constantly telling us that the more we read, the more our writing will naturally improve. World Book Day was a great fun way of sharing some of our favourite authors and books.



Our new responsibility starts here…

Several weeks ago, as a class, we had a discussion about responsibility. During which, one child asked if we could have a class pet. Over the following weeks, I saw a class united by a common factor – they all wanted to persuade Mr Rees that he should allow them to have a class pet.

Letters were written, research was carried out, songs were performed and memories were made as the class worked collaboratively towards their aim. This hard work culminated in a meeting on Friday afternoon. Five children, representing the class, met with Mr Rees to find out once and for all whether we would be granted permission to have a class pet.

The anticipation and excitement amongst the rest of the class was palpable. The meeting lasted about 30 minutes and when the group reappeared and announced to their classmates that the decision was a ‘YES’, it was truly one of the most heartwarming moments I think I have ever witnessed in a classroom. Two members of the class immediately burst into tears with joy and the sound of cheering and clapping filled the room.

Watching the class work closely together as a team has been great but now this is where the responsibility starts: What type of hamster shall we get? Where will our pet live? What will it need? Who will feed it? Who will clean it out? What will we learn? It is a privelege to have been granted this opportunity, now it is our job to prove why Mr Rees saying ‘YES’ was the right decision!