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Key skills for Friday 13th January, 2017

This week for key skills, as for every week this half term, we would like you to do the following:

Read every single day. Remember that our school expectation is that children will read every day at home.  Three of these daily reading events per week should be reading aloud and to an adult. Don’t forget to record every single one of your reading events in your yellow reading record book.

Practise your spellings every day.  This week’s spellings have been taken from the year 3 and 4 spelling list.  Don’t forget to revisit your old spellings too.  We would recommend that you learn a new spelling today, tomorrow learn another new spelling and practise today’s spelling too.  On Sunday, learn a third new spelling and practise the two you have learnt already.

This week’s spellings are below.

  • All of you will try these: believe, busy, bicycle, difficult, eight
  • Most will do these as well:   breathe, continue, complete, although, disappear
  • Some might like these too:  accident, actually, calendar, business, experience

Practise your times tables several times each day using tables master.  Record your progress on the sheet and remember that we are aiming for a time of 40 seconds for those 20 questions.

For those of you who would like an extra challenge… why not have a go at the 24 hour clock jigsaw.  if you haven’t picked one up yet, ask me for one next week.