Key Skills 30th September

Key skills: 30-9-16

L.O.: To use knowledge of place value

This week your key skills can be completed online!  We have set some mathletics activities for each of you.  You will need to login in to your Mathletics account and the tasks are waiting for you.

L.O.: to be able to use descriptive language

This picture…



Capture some descriptive words, phrases and sentences that we could use if we were writing about this scene.  Think about the work we have done this week in the classroom, using the senses.

Can you use:

  • A power opener?
  • A rhetorical question?
  • A simile?
  • Adjectival phrase?
  • Alliteration?

If you are unable to access the internet to complete this work, why not generate your own numbers and practise rounding to ten and the nearest hundred?  You can write your responses to the literacy in your key skills book>


27 thoughts on “Key Skills 30th September

  1. The gleaming sun is setting on the distant horizon.

    Like a glass floor, the sea reflects the sun’s dying rays.

    Menacing clouds gather to block the sun like war planes getting into formation.

    Dark dangerous shadows invade the light like marching soldiers.

    1. Wow! Some powerful ideas here, Stanley. I love your use of alliteration and similes to make the images really clear and easy to picture. Next time can you improve this still further by adding some adverbs? Keep up this great work!

  2. Listen to the salty sea glide up the sandy beach swiftly. Suddenly, the beautiful evening sunlight blinded me as clouds slowly opened. I can feel the sand underneath my feet getting softer and softer whilst the tide sweeps through my feet, getting colder by the second. The smell of rotten fish, it’s just like stilton cheese; why does it have to smell of that?

    1. Some lovely images here, Dan. I like the way you have used several of the senses and some alliteration too. You have repeated the words ‘my feet’ in this piece- can you find a way of not doing this? I am pleased to see such thoughtful work though.

  3. I can see calm waves and big thick clouds moving as slowly as a baby snail.
    I can smell salty seaweed decaying on the sandy floor.
    I can hear seagulls squawking loudly looking for big fish over the ocean.
    I can feel colossal boulders and jagged rocks as sharp as knifes
    I can taste bitter air and sandy mist everywhere and very salty water. 🙂

    1. Some nice ideas and good descriptive language here, Reuben. I like the simile you have used to describe the movement of the clouds. You say you can feel the rocks… don’t forget to tell me where or how you feel them. Good work!

  4. I was walking along the beach just then i saw the most beautiful sun set ever.
    It was shining on me and the beach. The sunset lit up like a 1,000 fire flies or a massive bonfire .

    1. Well done, Sasha. How was the sunset beautiful? Can you tell me exactly what you saw? The colours? The shapes? The silhouette of the trees against the colourful sky? Good to see that you have used a simile and some powerful verbs.

  5. The sun is glazing over the strong sea. Gradually , the sun is appearing from the foggy clouds . The sun is reflecting on the sea like a shiny mirror . Slowly, the tide is washing to shore . The beams of light are shining through the clouds amazingly.

    1. Some good description here Elijah with lots of information about the sun and the sunset. I like your choice of powerful verbs. Next step: to vary your sentence openers please.

  6. The night was as black as a deep underground cave… unexpectedly, I see a glint of gold rising from the depths of the still sea. What is this strange movement in front of me? Now I can visualise the grey, morning clouds above my old galleon. The sky is covered in pink, silver and bronze ribbons which are like a clean and new duvet cover. Slowly, metre by metre the colours begin to take over the heavens and a new day begins!

    1. My goodness, Harry. Alliteration, similes and powerful verbs- fantastic! How about sometimes adding some adverbs which are not at the start of your sentences?

  7. The salty air wafted through my nose holes as the current drifted outwards . Slowly, the water, which is as blue as a whale, lashed before my eyes. The white clouds are deeply reflecting in the salty water. The enormous, fluffy clouds are slowly walking away from me .

    1. Ewan, you have used some truly fantastic adjectives and descriptive language. I also really like your use of similes and personification. To extend your writing next time you could try to use as a rhetorical question.

  8. I can see the glistening sun shining through the fluffy, watery clouds. As I look down I can see the lovely sea waves calmly moving slowly towards the shore. The yellow sun beams are reflecting off the mirror like water.

    1. Chloe, your description of the setting made me feel like I was standing on that beach. Keep up this hard work! Next time, you could explore some of the other senses e.g. What could you smell? Touch? Hear?

  9. The beach was a blaze of parasols, hot colours to match the burning sand under foot. The silent beautiful beach is getting me in a relaxing mode. A place where I can be alone in the bright sunlight. A place where I can sit and listen to the waves of water crashing along the shore.

    1. Justin, this is fantastic! I can really feel like I am there on that beach. Such a fantastic use of descriptive language and alliteration. You could up level your work by adding in rhetorical questions and using some different sentence openers.

    1. Grace, you are using some fantastic descriptive language, keep this up! Can you please practice these spellings: Beautiful, calm, feels, shines.

  10. the sky had beautiful colours and its reflection in the sea was amazing.

    the colours of blues, yellows, and white melted into the sky.

    the sea looked calm and inviting.

    1. Daniel, well done! I really like your use of descriptive language. Next steps- remember your capital letters and think about using different sentence openers to up level your writing.

  11. The glazing, golden sun shines through the dark, dull clouds. It’s like a beautiful butterfly gently fluttering it’s wings. Cold loud seas doing what some people might call a performance. Clouds preventing the blue skies from showing. It makes me feel calm. I can smell the salty sea. I feel the sand burying my toes. I wonder what the people on the shore line think of the sunset?

  12. Joe, what a fantastic use of alliteration. I love how you have used it more than once within the same sentence – it is very powerful. I could really sense what you were seeing/feeling. I really like your use of the rhetorical question at the end. Next step – remember to proof read your work so all sentences make sense.

  13. The beautiful clouds turned blue.
    The sun shines.
    The sand fills so soft.
    peacefully the birds sing.
    slowly the sun set.

    I will practice my spellings. Beautiful, calm, feels, shines.

    1. Well done Grace! I am so impressed you have gone back to your first piece of work, improved it and practiced your spellings!!!

  14. Amazing shining golden sun blazing as its reflecting in the glimmering waving sea.The fresh beach relaxing air as salty as the sea.Who could ever feel this amazing by the sea?Nobody would like an answer because everybody feels this way.

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