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A new term in Lennon-McCartney Class

Hello Lennon-McCartney Class

I can’t wait to welcome you back to school tomorrow and hear all about your half term adventures.  I thought I would remind you that we start the term off with swimming first thing tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to bring your swimming kit including a hat (if you have one) and a towel.  You will need a coat to walk to the pool and back again.

See you tomorrow!

Key Skills 30th September

Key skills: 30-9-16

L.O.: To use knowledge of place value

This week your key skills can be completed online!  We have set some mathletics activities for each of you.  You will need to login in to your Mathletics account and the tasks are waiting for you.

L.O.: to be able to use descriptive language

This picture…



Capture some descriptive words, phrases and sentences that we could use if we were writing about this scene.  Think about the work we have done this week in the classroom, using the senses.

Can you use:

  • A power opener?
  • A rhetorical question?
  • A simile?
  • Adjectival phrase?
  • Alliteration?

If you are unable to access the internet to complete this work, why not generate your own numbers and practise rounding to ten and the nearest hundred?  You can write your responses to the literacy in your key skills book>