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Pop up Mechanisms


To make this mechanism you have to fold the paper in half and make two cuts along the folded edge. Then, leave that piece of paper and get another piece. Cut a strip of paper and attach what you want to slide (a rocket). Finally slot the strip through the cuts in the first piece of paper. Voila! you have a sliding mechanism.

WIN_20160617_141551 WIN_20160617_141553Made by Will S



First you get a piece of paper and draw your picture. You need to decide which part will be a flap and what will be behind it. Then get another piece of paper and draw the flap. Stick it onto the page and fold it at the edge. Voila a flap!




Made by Thomas



Get a folded piece of paper and make 2 slits in the fold. This will then form a step when you open it out. Get another piece of paper and cut out picture you want to glue onto the step. Voila! A step.


Made by Riley