All groups apart from one have now been canoeing! This was brilliant fun and very wet! Particularly for Thomas and Suraya who managed to fall in…we sent them to the drying room!


Well done to Emily and Tudor who, when everyone else gave up paddling in their boat, they carried on and did all the work!


All children are finally in bed and sleeping – some almost fell asleep during their last activity!

4 thoughts on “Canoeing

  1. Good evening. Sounds exhausting and loads of fun. I look forward to the photos (especially of those that fell in šŸ˜‰

    Enjoy your last day!

  2. Looking forward to hearing all about the adventures tonight I’m sure it will be non stop talking from Ryan

  3. If there is water around – Thomas will ‘get’ in it šŸ™‚
    Sounds like a great time had by all – cant wait to hear all about it!

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