Theseus and the Minotaur

Write a persuasive argument for why you should not be sacrificed to the Minotaur. Don’t forget to use the structure below.


– opening statement

– reason why you should not be sacrificed

– cause and effect – what would happen if you were sacrificed, what will happen if you are not?

– summarise your statement

12 thoughts on “Theseus and the Minotaur

  1. Please King Minos I beg you not to send me into the labyrinth my parents died and I look after younger brother who would be here for him if you send away

  2. Please King Minos, I beg you not to send me into the labyrinth my mother is ill and she need’s me to help her with the chores as there is no one eise.

  3. Firstly I think that it is mean to sacrifice 14 people to a Minotaur. I think that it is not fair that my Brother is going to die. When why can’t you sacrifice someone who has lived a fruitful live. I love my Brother and I don’t won’t him to die because he is only a young man.

    I think that rather than killing the people that don’t won’t to die you could find someone that has already had a fruitful life. I think that it would be better that not just my brother but everyone that get’s picked should deserve to live for life.

  4. Dear king Aegus

    I don’t want to be scarified because I am to young to be and I have too many years to live . Maybe you should choose a older and more experance person . I am only 14 years old Aegus . I hope you can choose another person .

  5. Dear king Aegus

    I do not want to be sacrificed because I am to young to be sacrificed. Maybe you could chose someone that is older and lived there life much longer. There is people in this room that have had more experance than I have. I am only 12 years old Aegus. I hope you can choose another person to do the sacrificed.

  6. King Ageus I am so young, perhaps you should pick someone who has had a fruitful life and that is strong and brave . Why not choose a strong, mighty warrior who is still here to save us and kill the destructive minotaur and we will win VICTORY !!!!

  7. Emperor Ageus I am to young to meet my death why not chose an elder or perhaps chose a warrior to destroy the rechid. and we will have vitory.

  8. I don’t want to be sacrificed because I is innocent and I will be are only hope of seeing my beloved parents. I am to young to die and I haven’t had an experience of traveling around the world. choose an older person who had a life experience so I don’t die and I need my parents to look after me.

  9. You shouldn’t sacrifice me I don’t want to be sacrificed to the minotaur he is a horrible monster. I want to live my life and not die at this age in time . You are the king do you want tov loose your people? You will have no people to make lives happy and cheerful but at the moment your making their lives sad and depressing. Do you need to kill people? It feels like at home theres a storm up above my head I just cant get my mind off of it. I am very embarresd because all of my family keeps laughing at me.

  10. Please don’t choose me, I don’t want to be sacrificed. If anyone else would like to offer I would be forever in your life. My mother and father died and I have a little sister to look after. So who will look after her if im dead , she is very shy and she doesn’t like to be with other people. I also don’t want her to die is well. I will like someone else to be sacrificed all because of my sister and im sure that she wouldn’t want me to go and be sacrificed. So please please please can someone else go , im begging you. Someone please take my place or look after my sister and to make me happy. Please king Ageus can someone else go? I would be very grateful I will I promise. And im am very scared because I will die and I am too young to die im only 18.

  11. I would never like to be sacrificed, because when I am a parent, I won’t be able to look after my children so they would die in hunger when I am not there to cook for them and clean their clothes. If I am chosen I am chosen I will try to be brave and maybe defeat the horrid, selfish minotaur.

  12. Don’t sacrifice my Mother she’s to ill and to busy to be sacrificed she has lived a fruitful life and can live for the family to be happy. She has looked after me for many, many years and has enjoyed all of those years in time I’ve loved her with my heart. I need someone to love me else I’m lonely for the rest of my entire life! Please King Aegeus don’t sacrifice my mother please.

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