This week we finish our topic of India. We want to hear what you have thought of our topic this term. Write about an experience you have had; it could be the day with reception, the Diwali pot making, the immersion day. Anything! Think about:

Why you enjoyed it.

What you learnt.

How it could have been better.


Miss Shipton

12 thoughts on “India

  1. I liked the Diwali pot making the best because It was fun playing with the clay to see all the different types, of moulds you can make . I learnt from this piece of learning that Indians use them for lighting the streets on the festival of light Diwali. I think that it could be better by getting a person in to shown some designs and how to make one in clear steps.

  2. I enjoyed the part when we made the Diwali pots with reception because it was fun moulding the clay with a reception into a shape and it was also fun painting the rangoli patterns with the receptions because it was fun helping them paint also it helped me and the reception children learn more about Diwali, mehndi and rangoli. It could of been better if we had more time on each activity.

  3. I have enjoyed the Indian topic when we did some work with the receptions my favourite one was when I helped my reception kid make the Diwali pot I also enjoyed when we went round the classroom in groups and saw the different things that the Indians did. I enjoyed making the Diwali pot and painting it my favourite bit was making it. I also enjoyed making the rangoli patterns and painting them. I learnt that Indians weir saris and I learnt some gods of India like Hanuman Rama Sitar I also learnt a story about India. I learnt that Indians have Diwali pots and that they are made out of clay. I also learnt that they make rangoli patterns. To make the Indian topic better we could taste some Indian food and make some food and add some sauce and things that they add in their food.

  4. I loved the gods and the rangoli patterns . it was fun because when I did the fact file it tort me more . I liked the rangoli because it got easier

  5. I enjoyed the topic of India when we worked with reception because I got to teach them all about Diwali and do lots of different activates like painting , making clay pots and drawing around there hands and decorating them! I learnt that the Indians have a special festival when they put up lots lights and have music. It could have been better if we could have tasted some Indian food then we would know what certain Indian food would taste like!

  6. The Indian topic was amazing! The Diwali pot making was great I loved it because I love getting messy and doing work like that. I learned that I can make pots better than I used to. They could be better because they make the sides thinner.

  7. I like India because it is really fun.
    I like Indian food because it has spice’s.
    And the food tastes nice.And the clothes material is lovely.
    I liked the Indian shoes.

  8. I liked the Diwali pot making because I never made a Diwali pot and I didn’t know how to make one and it turned out to be fantastic. I never new what they were for and know I know what they were for they are for celebrating festivls . I painted my Diwali pot and the main colours are red blue green yellow and gold to decorate stripes dots and zigzags.

  9. I enjoy it because one day about India were got to go and see what Diwali pot was great because were got messy and my hands were all sticky and watery it was so fun.

  10. I love making diwali pots because I’m learning more about making things. Now I know more about diwali pots. And I can now make diwali pots.

  11. The thing I enjoyed about India was the compass patterns because I diddnt know how the instructions weren’t because went because I couldn’t understand them. But on my peace of paper I understood them and I could do them. So Rangoli patterns helped me be more resilient in my learning.

  12. I enjoyed working with reception because me and my partner Mark had great fun making Dewali pots because we like to get mucky hands and Mark made the best pot I have ever seen.

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