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This week we finish our topic of India. We want to hear what you have thought of our topic this term. Write about an experience you have had; it could be the day with reception, the Diwali pot making, the immersion day. Anything! Think about:

Why you enjoyed it.

What you learnt.

How it could have been better.


Miss Shipton

Adverbial Phrases

We have looked at adverbial phrases in Literacy. These answer the questions “how”, “where”¬†and “when”. Look at the sentences below and rewrite each one 3 times using a different adverbial phrase.



The dog barked.

The dog barked quite loudly.

The dog barked in the garden.

The dog barked at night time.


1. The child laughed.

2. The girl sang.

3. The boy played football.


Don’t forget tomorrow is the first day back after half term and it is also our first swimming session! Make sure you bring your costume / trunks, a towel and your swimming hat. Enjoy your last day of the holidays and see you all tomorrow!

Miss Shipton