Indian Experts

Below is a list of areas of our India topic. Choose one of these areas that you would like to become an expert in.  Tell me what it is and explain why you want to be the expert in this area.


-Arts and crafts




-Food and drink





20 thoughts on “Indian Experts

  1. Food and drinks . I would like to do drinks and food because I would like to lunder how the eat and what kind of food they eat.So I can lunder what kind of rice they eat and what kind of spices they eat

  2. Arts & crafts because I like to paint and be an artist. Also I like to work hard on making things. I like making electric things that work.

  3. I want to be an expert at music because I want to learn how its like to be a singer and I want to be famous and I want to be popilour .

  4. I want to be an expert of music because I like playing the guitar. I think I would be really good as I do play music. I will be able to help a lot with the one I have chosen to be an expert.

  5. I would like to do Arts and Crafts because I think I’m good at doing art. I also like being creative at things and sketching.

  6. I want to do Arts and Crafts because I think that I am very creative and I am good at drawing and stuff like that. I think that the other things like music is to hard to do for me.

  7. I would like to research on arts and crafts . I think it would be really exiting to see what Indian art would look like . Also I would like to see what Indian crafts look like. It would be exiting to know if there colourful or if there just one colourful .

  8. I am going to choose Arts and Crafts because I am very good at art and I love to make things so much. I like to make things with my friends and with my mummy and daddy so much although I’m really good myself.

  9. I would like to research about patterns because in India I find patterns beautiful and interesting to learn about. The rangoli patterns are lovely on tiles, on the floor or wall there very colourful. I would like to see more beautiful Indian patterns in this topic of India.

  10. I would like to do the arts and crafts because art is one of my favourite subjects. I also like to do art because I just love to add little details. Oh and I love making things, like bracelets and necklaces and rings. I also love to fiddle with things like clay , little balls and all sorts of stuff. So I would like to arts and crafts.

  11. Arts and crafts because I like making stuff with black standing pen and paint. Objects that look funny shapes. My favourite bright colour is green and red I’ve made tons of art before at home. It was fun to make it look detailed. I especially liked the part wear I played or wore it. I sometimes scare people and sometimes cheer up.

  12. I would like to do music because my dad makes awesome videos with cool music and he inspires me to make my own music too. Myself and my little brother, created a band called The Messes! On my dads computer, he had an app called FL Studio, which can make music, myself and my dad love making musical beats on it.

  13. I would like to become an expert at arts and craft. I would like to become a expert at arts and crafts because I love making pictures and learning about art. I also want to be a expert at art and crafts because when we did it on the Indian rotations it was so cool at doing the sketching the beautiful artefacts and I felt like I wanted to learn more about it. If I don’t get in this group I would like to become an expert at clothing. This is because the clothing that the Indians wear is so beautiful and I feel that I could learn a lot more. When I did this on the Indian rotation dressing up was really cool and I wanted to spend more time on this particular subject and want to have more knolegde about this subject.

  14. I want to be doing music because I want to learn what kind of music Indians dance to I also make a band with my sister and brother and show it to my parents. And when I am older I want to be a professional singer and be on TV shows. These are the questions I want to know : What are their three most famous songs? Do they like dancing to music ?where do they put their music on the most? Do they put music on in the temple? Do the put music on most of the times in their houses? But if I don’t get into this group I want to be in arts and crafts because I love to do art and I love paining and sketching. And I want to learn what kind of art they do.

  15. I would like to do art because of the way they use tools to create amazing patterns and animals . I love the way that they make the patterns link to the colours in the back round . I really want to learn more about the way they do there art and what the patterns mean and why there so special . If art is not available then I don’t mind doing and learning about food, drink and spices.

  16. I like the Indian clothing the best because there are lots of different patterns. I also like the little tops and dresses because they are all colourful and pretty ,and they have lots of jewels on the front. But I think India is just full of lovely, beautiful colour. And when I look at the cloths loads and loads of questions just pop out in my head , and it makes me want to find out loads. But I love the topic India.

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