Jai Ho!

Our next topic is India and you have started learning a dance with Mrs Evans based on this topic. ‘Jai Ho’ means ‘Be Victorious’. What does this mean to you?

17 thoughts on “Jai Ho!

  1. Its like being a victorious king. Its like that your rich. Its like that your a special person. You have jewellery. its like that your famous .

  2. victorious means to me is where they edit. The piece of work. And its where they make it more interesting. Then it used to be. Its where there work is really interesting.

  3. I think it means when You are the winner! Or you finally got something you always wanted. Or you where always cool and strong. Or you where invincible when you went to battle. Or when you are awesome and rich! Or you played a game that is super long and you still finished it.

  4. being victorious is like that your famous. Its like that you have lots of jewellery. Its like that your rich. Its like that your a victorious king.

  5. Being victorious means you to them and they will be kind to you . If someone hurts them and you did not do it you don’t just run away you help .

  6. Victorious is like when you’re kind ,caring, giving and you have lots of jewellery. Its like when you would do anything for someone you love. Its like when you really want to do something for someone but you can’t but you do it anyway. Its like when you make a promise to meet someone and later on but then you make another one and you have to meet at the same time as the other person at the same time.

  7. Being victorious to me means that you treat someone the way that you want to be treated. So if you treat someone horribly don’t moan when they treat you horribly. If you treat them nicely then they will treat you nicely. Be happy and nice.

  8. To be victorious you need to be brave, respect and never give up. That means you’ll get stronger and stronger and be victorious. India is the second largest population in the world. There’s so many stories to be told about India. Also to be victorious you need to use your skills to make your actual skills better. If you encourage someone else to be victorious they’ll spread. India have lots of beliefs they have rice, spices and meat. India have lots of bright clothes, shoes and hats.

  9. I think be victorious means to me that you do different things that you think is interesting and that you never done before.Or you be creative and make useful things and experiments.

  10. I think jai-ho means that in India there is a type of dance called Jai-Ho . I think that jai – ho means that its a word that Indian people say at the start of a song. Jai- ho means that its a name of special type of clothes.

  11. I think it might mean that Jai Ho is part of the Indian language. I also think that Jai Ho is a song. I also think that its something about being in the Victorian times because it means Be Victorious. I also think that it could be a name.

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