A great e-safety week

After a great e-safety week these were some of the comments from the children in Lennon and McCartney class:

– I really enjoyed the workshop because I learnt a lot about how to stay safe on the internet.

– I really enjoyed making my avatar so that I can use it instead of a photo.

– I liked having a no technology day, I carried it on at home too.

– The video about staying safe online made me think.

– I went home and un friended all the people that I didn’t know.

– I had lots of people as friends that I have never met so I deleted them.

– I had a message on my game last night from someone that I didn’t know, so I asked my mum what to do.

Well done Lennon and McCartney class, some great decisions and actions after a really interesting week.

Have a great half term.

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