Monthly Archives: May 2015

A great e-safety week

After a great e-safety week these were some of the comments from the children in Lennon and McCartney class:

– I really enjoyed the workshop because I learnt a lot about how to stay safe on the internet.

– I really enjoyed making my avatar so that I can use it instead of a photo.

– I liked having a no technology day, I carried it on at home too.

– The video about staying safe online made me think.

– I went home and un friended all the people that I didn’t know.

– I had lots of people as friends that I have never met so I deleted them.

– I had a message on my game last night from someone that I didn’t know, so I asked my mum what to do.

Well done Lennon and McCartney class, some great decisions and actions after a really interesting week.

Have a great half term.

E-safety week

It’s e-safety week at SdS this week and the children are enjoying creating their own Avatars, which help to keep us safe online, as they can be used instead of photographs.

We have also discussed what e-safety means and how we can stay safe, both at home and at school. The children have been enthusiastic in contributing their ideas and giving advice to others about how to use the internet and gaming appropriately, ensuring that we stay safe at all times.

Great work Lennon and McCartney class.