Another great day at Edale. Weaselling, abseiling, leap of faith, climbing and a night walk. It has been lots of fun and I have been very impressed with my group who have shown courage and determination when undertaking activities that they have not done before.








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  1. At the first day when you went to Edale we gone to benham sports arena. At benham we done rollerskating for me it was fun. Next we done Archery what was fun as well. Afterwards we went climbing walls what were 10 feet tall Ali went to the top and shouted I AM SILLY it was funny. The next day we planed what we will bought from Teasco .Then we got everything we needed . After that we got to the forest. Ten minutes later it was raining. So we ate at school. The next day we went to town to find some knights .But there were none . But still it was fun. The last day we got to the forest school . We hidden easter eggs for reception children. Then when the children finded the eggs we done some nests .by julia

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