Heroes of Kindness and a Half Term Round -Up

It has been a busy term where we have had lots of fun, from our fantastic story writing, working with clay to our trip to Chillies, just to name a few of the lovely things we have been up to. Your effort in class and at home has been brilliant and we had a great afternoon getting our henna done and celebrating our achievements. You have all been given your India home learning to start during the half term and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you come up with.

It was our second day of looking particularly at kindness and, as usual, I have seen and heard lots of kind words and gestures from you all. It was another tricky decision, but today the awards go to:
Eleanor- for sharing her great henna design with others so that they could have it too.
Jack M- for offering to play with people who were worried about who they would spend lunch time with.
Thomas and Jake- for working with everyone really nicely and being a really positive role models.
Tinashe and William- for helping others with their rangoli patterns when they were struggling with applying them to our work with symmetry.

Our first pen licenses were also given out today.  A big well done to Hannah, William, Tinashe and Eleanor. I look forward to handing more out soon!

A busy day and a busy term. Well done everyone and I look forward to hearing all about your holidays.

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