Heroes of Kindness

Year 4 have been talking a lot about kindness and happiness and how little things we do can have a big impact on someone else’s day. Today we have decided to focus on positivity and have been discussing kind things others have done and I also have been looking out for acts of Kindness. There are lots of you that are always considerate towards others and the decision was tricky but for today our heroes are:
Owen: for helping others with their Indian dancing when they were unsure.
Zaibaa: Voted for by friends for always looking out for people on the playground.
Mitchell: For listening to all teachers really well, always respecting others and showing impeccable manners. 
Ellis: For numerous comments from others about how lovely she is to play with and to work with.
Amber: For offering to be a friend to anyone who finds the playground a tricky place to be and working excellently with whoever she is paired with.

Well done 🙂

6 thoughts on “Heroes of Kindness

  1. I really it like when people say positive things about me, and I really like being the hero of kindness. Thank you for letting me be a hero of kindness because I know there were other people who also worked as hard.

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