Fun at Chillies

Wow! What a wonderful afternoon we had at Chillies!  I was so impressed with your manners and how well you ate (I think 4 plates was our record!) Everyone tried the food and even those of you that were originally unsure all sampled different foods and many came back for more! I have never met a year group so enthusiastic about naan bread!! I had a lovely afternoon with you all and really enjoyed hearing all about your favourite foods when we got back to school. Looking forward to reading your reviews about the afternoon once we have written them on Wednesday 🙂

4 thoughts on “Fun at Chillies

  1. I had a great time and loved trying all the food! Am now looking forward to cooking some today! Thank you for taking us!

  2. I really liked Chillies and my favourite food was the vegatable curry with the coloured rice and the thing I really didn’tt like was the oringe chicken tikka masala.

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