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India Home Learning

Here is a copy of the Home Learning in case anyone loses it. We have had great discussions on your ideas and lots of you know what you are going to do already. Remember that it is your Home Learning and that this is only a guide – if you have other ideas, please change bits and be as creative as you can 🙂 look forward to seeing them!

Heroes of Kindness and a Half Term Round -Up

It has been a busy term where we have had lots of fun, from our fantastic story writing, working with clay to our trip to Chillies, just to name a few of the lovely things we have been up to. Your effort in class and at home has been brilliant and we had a great afternoon getting our henna done and celebrating our achievements. You have all been given your India home learning to start during the half term and I can’t wait to see the wonderful things you come up with.

It was our second day of looking particularly at kindness and, as usual, I have seen and heard lots of kind words and gestures from you all. It was another tricky decision, but today the awards go to:
Eleanor- for sharing her great henna design with others so that they could have it too.
Jack M- for offering to play with people who were worried about who they would spend lunch time with.
Thomas and Jake- for working with everyone really nicely and being a really positive role models.
Tinashe and William- for helping others with their rangoli patterns when they were struggling with applying them to our work with symmetry.

Our first pen licenses were also given out today.  A big well done to Hannah, William, Tinashe and Eleanor. I look forward to handing more out soon!

A busy day and a busy term. Well done everyone and I look forward to hearing all about your holidays.

Heroes of Kindness

Year 4 have been talking a lot about kindness and happiness and how little things we do can have a big impact on someone else’s day. Today we have decided to focus on positivity and have been discussing kind things others have done and I also have been looking out for acts of Kindness. There are lots of you that are always considerate towards others and the decision was tricky but for today our heroes are:
Owen: for helping others with their Indian dancing when they were unsure.
Zaibaa: Voted for by friends for always looking out for people on the playground.
Mitchell: For listening to all teachers really well, always respecting others and showing impeccable manners. 
Ellis: For numerous comments from others about how lovely she is to play with and to work with.
Amber: For offering to be a friend to anyone who finds the playground a tricky place to be and working excellently with whoever she is paired with.

Well done 🙂

Fun at Chillies

Wow! What a wonderful afternoon we had at Chillies!  I was so impressed with your manners and how well you ate (I think 4 plates was our record!) Everyone tried the food and even those of you that were originally unsure all sampled different foods and many came back for more! I have never met a year group so enthusiastic about naan bread!! I had a lovely afternoon with you all and really enjoyed hearing all about your favourite foods when we got back to school. Looking forward to reading your reviews about the afternoon once we have written them on Wednesday 🙂

Friday’s Learning Heroes

Well done to everyone on your hard work this week ! It is very hard to pick five learning heroes but today’s go to:
Mitchell- for concentrating really hard and writing a great story opener
Hannah- for gripping us all with your opener and build up in literacy
Amber- for fantastic art work
Tobie- for persisting with your response marking in your purple pen and making it really detailed
Jamie- for being really independent during rotation activities

Have a great weekend 🙂

Hindu Gods

We have had a great start to the week looking at Hindu Gods and Goddesses as part of our work on India. Yesterday, we designed our own Gods and thought about special features and abilities that they would have. We also worked in groups to look at specific Gods and Goddesses and we had to match the correct one to its description. We worked brilliantly in groups and everyone worked together and got them correct 🙂