Monthly Archives: September 2014

Lennon/McCartney Heroes of learning

We have had a jam packed day full of exciting activities about India. One group said, β€œThe Year 4 area has been turned into an Indian palace! We went to the hall and did some Indian dancing (Jai Ho). We also watched two short videos of Bollywood dancing.” The Indian dress up was a particular favourite.

Our Heroes of Learning today in Lennon/ McCartney were Archie, Lillie, Chloe, Buddy, Eleanor, Tobie and Jamie! Well done and I will be looking for some more tomorrow πŸ™‚

Wonderful word problems

Our maths group have been working really hard on addition. We have looked at partitioning, number lines and have moved on to the column method. In addition to this, we have been applying addition to solve puzzles, problems and word problems. We even had a go at making our own puzzles and word problems for our friends to solve. Have a look at our pictures to see what we have been up to πŸ™‚









Key skills!

Today we have reviewed our first week of key skills. We were very impressed by the effort the children have put into their tasks. We will be making a WAGOLL wall of the different tasks so if your child is stuck for inspiration they can magpie some ideas. Just to remind you they should be aiming to do a different weekly treat each week and then top up their total with the penny sweets. We had some great feedback from the children and are working together to improve the system. Well done Year 4!