Maths Key Skills – Mr Wainwright’s Group…

Play this game with anyone in your family…it will help you remember your simple addition and subtraction facts.

You could even start with 50 and work backwards to zero.

Wild Jokers

You will need:A full pack of playing cards.

Number of players:

Two or more.

To prepare for play:Jokers are WILD CARDS. You can use them at any time to represent a number from 1 to 10 (inclusive). If you turn over a Jack, Queen or King then your score for that turn goes back to zero and the next player has their go.
The goal:To be first to hit the score of 50.

Any player can draw as many cards as they like in a row, but if they turn over a picture card, they lose their points for that go and score zero. However, you can ‘bank’ a score and allow the next player to go, which will save your score for your next go. Use a pencil and a piece of paper to keep track.

Have fun!

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