Oeuf-Fleurs Rock Their Rugby Rivals!

Fresh from the fields of Delapre Primary School, Mr Wainwright, Mrs de Board and Mr Prosser were filled with a warm sense of pride on the back of our boys and girl sweeping through our local rivals like the wind!

It really was a display of ‘total rugby’ as our 12-strong squad sustained the perfect balance of play throughout.

Benito, Isaac and Tom Curry left opposing defenders chasing shadows.
Tom Mariner, Ryan Goody, Kyle, Jagvir, The Williams and George Gammage were ‘beast’ in the tackle.
Kasey Wright was the tactical anchor of the team…
…and George Kennedy…just made it look so easy!


The spirit amongst the squad was exemplary and was reflected on the field of play. Out of 6 games, we won 5 and drew the other…a 5-5 draw with the hosts. Despite being 2-0 down early on, Simon de Senlis fought back to take a 5-4 lead before conceding in the last second of play.

The results were as follows:

Simon de Senlis 6 – 3 Hunsbury Park

Simon de Senlis  7 – 1 Briar Hill

Simon de Senlis 5 – 5 Delepre A

Simon de Senlis 7 – 1 Abbey Primary

Simon de Senlis 6 – 3 Queen Eleanor

Simon de Senlis 6 – 4 Delapre B

With the NSSP tag-rugby tournament at the end of November looming, we are looking slick and in great shape!

The school are very proud of you ALL.

Vive Les Oeuf-Fleurs!

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