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Honours Even In East Hunsbury…

Les Fleurs from Simon de Senlis sent two teams down to face East Hunsbury Primary on their all-weather pitch this afternoon.

As part of our preparation for the NTSSF Trophy Final, it was an opportunity for the players to bond and stake their claim for a first team spot.

Game 1:

East Hunsbury Primary 1 – 0 Simon de Senlis

Liam Mooney
Ryan Goody
Charlie Long
George Beezhold
Luke Thomas
Tyla Pritchard
Kyle Lodge
Ethan Nelson
Del Peach

A great debut from Charlie Long at the back with some strong tackling and crucial clearances, as well as a battling display from Luke Thomas in midfield.

Game 2:

East Hunsbury Primary 1 – 2 Simon de Senlis

Waqar Butt
Malachy Johnston
Jagvir Briah
George Kennedy
Connor Brunton
Connor Holder
Benito Teriaca
Alfie Smith
Isaac Harrison

A great poacher’s goal from Isaac, who also teed up a fantastic breakaway strike from Connor Brunton gave the honours to The green side of East Hunsbury. Connor Holder was relentless in midfield, never letting the opposition rest, whilst Malachy Johnston gave an excellent account of himself as he returned to the fold after injury, show excellent composure and touch on the ball.

Well done boys…you make the school very proud.

Vive Les Fleurs!

Maths Key Skills – Mr Wainwright’s Group…

Practise your MENTAL MATHS…division style!

Before this week we were working on dividing in our heads, using our times tables.

See how well you remember your strategy and create some problems using dice or cards to generate the numbers.

Record them in your key skills books.

Can you solve problems with a remainder?

Go! Go! Go! My little maths super-stars!


Again…i hope you appreciate this Mrs van Rooyen!

Maths Key Skills – Mr Wainwright’s Group…

Play this game with anyone in your family…it will help you remember your simple addition and subtraction facts.

You could even start with 50 and work backwards to zero.

Wild Jokers

You will need:A full pack of playing cards.

Number of players:

Two or more.

To prepare for play:Jokers are WILD CARDS. You can use them at any time to represent a number from 1 to 10 (inclusive). If you turn over a Jack, Queen or King then your score for that turn goes back to zero and the next player has their go.
The goal:To be first to hit the score of 50.

Any player can draw as many cards as they like in a row, but if they turn over a picture card, they lose their points for that go and score zero. However, you can ‘bank’ a score and allow the next player to go, which will save your score for your next go. Use a pencil and a piece of paper to keep track.

Have fun!

Simon de Senlis Reach Final!

For the 2nd year running, Les Fleurs from Simon de Senlis have reached the NTSSF Trophy Final!

A night of fast-flowing, attacking football, along with some flawless defensive play, ensured our path into next month’s showpiece match against St. James at Sixfields.

After topping our pool with three victories and no goals conceded, the boys from Simon de Senlis defied the frosty conditions and fatigue to negotiate a tricky semi-final against Boothville  by a 1-0 scoreline.

All the boys were simply outstanding.

(Les Fleurs squad)

Waqar Butt                     – SOLID, safe hands when called upon
Benito Teriaca              – OUTSTANDING at the back, never missed a tackle
Jagvir Briah                   – STRONG in the tackle, great partnership with Benito
George Kennedy         – MR RELIABLE, stepping in to fill Jagvir’s boots
Archie Chorlton           – GAVE 100% when brought into the side, the future of our team
Connor Brunton (c)   – ALWAYS a problem for the opposition and roared the team on
Alfie Smith                      – NEVER stopped running, formidable engine at the heart of the team
Connor Holder             – BATTLED through the midfield with a great range of passes
Tom Curry                       – TORMENTED the opposition throughout, constantly tracked back
Isaac Harrison              – LETHAL in front of goal…and scored with his head!

EVERYONE played their part…you continue to make the school very proud.

Thank you to all the parents who came and supported the boys. Please come and cheer them on next month in the final if you can, every ounce of support makes a difference.

Together, we can be champions.

Vive Les Fleurs!

Maths Key Skills – Mr Wainwright’s GROUP…

A fun opportunity to practise your +/- mental maths…

PIG – Sixes –  A game for two players, using two dice.

The winner is the first player to get 100 or more points.
You both start with zero points and take turns to throw the dice
as many times as you like adding the total at each throw to your score.
Throwing one 6 ends the turn and nothing is added to the score for that turn.
Throwing a double 6 ends the turn and the total score goes back to zero.
Try playing against Piggy. Can you work out Piggy’s strategy?

Or play on-line at:

Oeuf-Fleurs Rock Their Rugby Rivals!

Fresh from the fields of Delapre Primary School, Mr Wainwright, Mrs de Board and Mr Prosser were filled with a warm sense of pride on the back of our boys and girl sweeping through our local rivals like the wind!

It really was a display of ‘total rugby’ as our 12-strong squad sustained the perfect balance of play throughout.

Benito, Isaac and Tom Curry left opposing defenders chasing shadows.
Tom Mariner, Ryan Goody, Kyle, Jagvir, The Williams and George Gammage were ‘beast’ in the tackle.
Kasey Wright was the tactical anchor of the team…
…and George Kennedy…just made it look so easy!


The spirit amongst the squad was exemplary and was reflected on the field of play. Out of 6 games, we won 5 and drew the other…a 5-5 draw with the hosts. Despite being 2-0 down early on, Simon de Senlis fought back to take a 5-4 lead before conceding in the last second of play.

The results were as follows:

Simon de Senlis 6 – 3 Hunsbury Park

Simon de Senlis  7 – 1 Briar Hill

Simon de Senlis 5 – 5 Delepre A

Simon de Senlis 7 – 1 Abbey Primary

Simon de Senlis 6 – 3 Queen Eleanor

Simon de Senlis 6 – 4 Delapre B

With the NSSP tag-rugby tournament at the end of November looming, we are looking slick and in great shape!

The school are very proud of you ALL.

Vive Les Oeuf-Fleurs!