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Samosas On The Menu In Year 4!

It was like the Pied Piper of Hamlyn this afternoon as 8 children from Year 4 spent some quality time in the kitchen under the tuition of Jav Butt.

The delightful smells of freshly prepared samosas wafted through the hall and down the corridors, enticing pupils and teachers alike.

A most suitable warm-up for tomorrow’s trip to ‘Chillies’.

They were simply delicious, the only question is (Sarinah and Naveen) …will there be any left for the children tomorrow?

Simon de Senlis’ Radical Runners!

Well done to the Simon de Senlis Cross Country team who ran at The Racecourse this afternoon.

Well done to:

George Gammage
Isaac Harrison
Ethan Nelson
Harry Slater
Ryan Wood
Annabelle Lovell
Shanice McLennon
Courtney Davies

Particular congratulations to George and Isaac who finished 14th and 15th respectively out of a field of 80+ from across the town.

The school is very proud of you all!

Femme Fleurs Football Finesse!

Well done to the girls of years 5 and 6 who represented the school this afternoon at ‘Goals’.

They were all AMAZING…and played with all their might with some cracking results!

Seldom have i experienced such spirit amongst a group of children…they battled and supported each other fervently throughout, with big smiles and thumbs up too!

Lily Cody was an example to all in the way she rallied her troops and got her reward with a cracking goal that helped her team to a well earned draw.

Charley Hicks (1 goal)
Niamh Bown
Adelaide Tite (1 goals)
Teri Walter
Laycee Gilbert (3 goals)
Ramneek Shokar
Areebah Azhar
Elena Ball
Lily Cody (1 goal)
Lucy Brooks

A big thank you and well done to all the girls…the school is very proud of you.

Amazing Maths In Year 4!

Today, in Mr Wainwright’s maths group, we were multiplying numbers by 10 and 100.

The children were BRILLIANT at it!

Leah Lupson set a world record for getting her work done!

Ask them to show you what they can do…and what other words to they know for multiply?

What a lovely and clever bunch they are…cracking lesson!


Les Fleurs March On…

The Simon de Senlis football team completed their qualifiers in style this evening with two wins that will almost certainly ensure their passage to the semi-final pool.

Les Fleurs are seeking to lift the NTSSF Cup after last year’s disappointment of losing in the final to St. James.

A 3-0 victory over Eldean and a modest 2-1 win over Green Oaks give Simon de Senlis a great chance of topping their group with a record of:

Played 5     Won 4     Drawn 0     Lost 1     Goals For 15     Goals Against 2     Points 13

See you in the semi’s at Weston Favell Academy on the 14th November!

Vive Les Fleurs!

Mega Mental Maths!

After rising to the mental addition challenge…Mr Wainwright’s maths group have been subtracting today.


55 – 12 = EASY!

41 – 12 = Mmmmm!

Why is that difficult?

Well done to Muhammed Tercan and Leah Lupson…’Mental Mathmagicians’!

Practise at home and show me what you can do!

Punctuation Police On The Prowl!

4 – Lennon/McCartney have been challenging themselves this morning by including as big a range of punctuation in their writing as they can.

Ask them to show you what they can use and question them about clauses.

Oliver Civil = King of the clauses

Sarinah Ali = Queen of the…elipses!

Samuel Moss = Expert of exclamations!

Great morning, great children, great writing!