Year 4 Gung Ho For ‘Jai Ho’…

Year 4 spent some quality time in the ‘dance studio’ this morning under the mentoring of Jenny from ‘The Education Group’ who ran a Bollywood dance workshop.

The children practised, perfected and performed a dance routine to ‘Jai Ho’ from the theme of ‘Slumdog Millionaire’.

We have quite a dance troop…year 4 has more than it’s share of movers and shakers!

Joy Edwards was simply fabulous, as was ‘dancing queen’ Ellie Hawkins. And James Robinson totally immersed himself in the experience as he does everything!

Look out for Jake Brunton, Kieran Byrne and Isaiah Meadows (or as i call them…The Bee Gees!) on ‘India’s Got Talent’ sometime soon!

Thanks to Mrs Mackintosh, Mrs Cannover, Mrs Kaur, Mrs Ali and Mrs Butt for coming along to share the experience…I thought there would be more group work to be involved in, but it was none the less great to have you there to see what we are doing.

Parents will be able to see the fruits of this experience at the end of topic showcase at the end of November.

Jai Ho!

8 thoughts on “Year 4 Gung Ho For ‘Jai Ho’…

  1. It was more than a pleasure! Great little dancers in year 4.
    It’s a great topic- and the dancing was a real experience..
    Jai ho indeed!

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