SdS Run Wild In Abington Park Finale!

The Northampton Town Cross Country Championship Finals for 2013 took place on Abington Park this afternoon.

The quick steppers from Simon de Senlis were out in force, with a remarkable 9 competitors representing our fabulous institution.

After five weeks of competing against children from schools across the town, the pride of Simon de Senlis had the opportunity to showcase their talents at the culmination of the Northampton Town Cross Country League season.

They finished as follows (out of approx. 100 competitors):

Girls race:
Annabelle Lovell – 34th
Shanice McLennon – 36th
Courtney Davies – 37th

Boys race:
Alfie Smith – 26th
George Gammage – 30th
Isaac Harrision – 32nd
Harry Slater – 52nd
Ryan Wood – 59th
Ethan Nelson – 74th

Simply outstanding performances from them all…the school is very proud of you!

Vive Les Florettes!

2 thoughts on “SdS Run Wild In Abington Park Finale!

  1. Another excellent sport report, I felt like I was there!
    Good to know SDS is representing out there in Northampton.

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