The ‘Star’ Is Shining Bright At Chillies…According To Year 4!

After an amazing experience at ‘Chillies’ Indian restaurant yesterday, the children of 4 – Lennon/McCartney have been allocated a specific area of the restaurant to review:


Overall Presentation
When we went to Chillies the trip was thrilling.When we walked into Chillies and the table layout was outstanding.The table cloth was as white as snow,and the brown table cloth was like diary milk chocolate.We looked at the table and saw Mango Chutney ready to eat.The alumios light shone above the snow white table cloth. The toilets were outstandingly clean. The air freshener was exquisite. It was an amazing afternoon.
(Daisy, MIllie, Emily-Jane, Thomas, Lucy and Kieran)

I  thought the service was perfect, also Star’s manners were  good. It was slow at times but there was a lot of us, it was still brilliant! Star greeted us very well he served the food quickly as he could. We liked every part of the buffet. He served the food quickly. Star served the naan bread with one hand.
(Sarinah, Thasnim, Naveen, Esther, Somto and Isaiah)

We thought the toilets were immaculate. The restaurant has 5 stars from the council for being clean. The table cloth was clean and tidy  with perfect quality. The floor was very clean until we came. I thought that the  windows where clean however the blades where broken. I thought  that the restaurant  was extremely clean like I thought it was going to be .
(Aleigha, Maesun, Sarah, James, Harvey and Ethan)

The Food
There was a variety of food available at Chillies. We had to choose from chicken korma, chicken tikka masala, vegetable curry, rice, naan bread and mango chutney. We really liked the chicken tikka masala because it was nice and spicy. The chicken was tender and juicy. The sauces were exquisite, with a mix of spices, flavour and creaminess. The food was nicely presented. We thought the food would be even better if it was more spicy.
(Oliver, Olcay, Ellie, Sophie, Samuel and Jack)

Everyone had a great time! Thanks to those who came to help and also to those who offered to help. The children loved it. Star, the proprietor of ‘Chillies’ was extraordinarily generous and extremely kind to open especially for us (they don’t open in the day time usually)…an enormous thank you to him also.

Next week…more children will get to make samosas with Jav, and on Friday a dance workshop will be coming in to work with the children to support our showcase at the end of the topic. Further fruits of your generous financial support…thanks again.

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